Real Estate and Covid - Important Announcement

Dated: November 16 2020

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The latest Stay at Home order has significantly impacted Real Estate in New Mexico for the next few weeks.

The New Mexico Association of Realtors has notified us all with the following announcement shared down below my comments.

While there are some details yet to clarify, I am taking the liberty of summarizing how the orders may impact you the most:

  • We cannot visit with you in person - this includes listing or buyer consultations, inspections and closings.

  • Realtors are not allowed to accompany buyers during a showing.
    Before allowing buyers inside, it is likely we will open the home, have our viewing and walk through the property to deal with alarms, open doors and turn on lights as appropriate.
    After buyers exit, we will need to wipe down touched surfaces and ensure the property is secured.
    Sellers who still occupy their home may withdraw from the market temporarily if they are not comfortable with unsupervised buyers in the home.
    There are options other than personal showings that we can discuss.

  • Listing appointments typically entail the Realtor touring the home with the seller to assist with pricing analysis plus advice on preparations.  It would appear we'll need to tour the home while you are not inside to gather our data and then relay all communications remotely (phone, text, email, FaceTime, Zoom, etc).

  • Electronic document signatures will be more important than ever and I will continue to educate you thoroughly on what those documents entail, just not face to face.

  • Existing transactions will continue.  Services such as inspectors, appraisers, stagers, contractors and Title companies are all allowed to continue.  Delays may be unavoidable.

As these issues will impact each client's situation differently, don't hesitate to inquire with questions if I haven't already contacted you to discuss details.

Stay safe everyone!!



On November 13, 2020, Governor Lujan Grisham and state health officials issued a new public health order (Order). Among other things, the Order directed all businesses and non-profit entities, except those entities defined as "essential businesses," to reduce the in-person workforce at each business location by 100%. "Essential businesses" were permitted to remain open, provided they minimize their operations and staff to the greatest extent possible.
Real estate was not specifically listed as an "essential business" in the Order. Consequently, NMAR has been working tirelessly since Friday to return real estate to the essential services list. Despite our best efforts, we received a response yesterday that "real estate was non-essential and brokers would need to work remotely". Brokers predominantly work remotely as it is, but there are practical aspects of real estate that cannot be conducted remotely, such as [some] showings, inspections, appraisals and closings. For this reason, NMAR continued to work towards clarification. This morning we obtained from the Governor's Office the following guidance to our specific questions.
Real Estate brokerages and REALTOR® Associations must close their physical offices.

Real estate brokers/staff and Association staff must work remotely;

Brokers may NOT have personal interaction with customers/clients or those involved in the real estate transaction; all communications must be done remotely.

Open Houses are prohibited;

Properties MAY continue to be shown; however, the buyer must visit and inspect the property without the broker.*

Inspections, repairs, appraisals and other services as required by the Purchase Agreement may continue; however, again, the broker cannot have personal interactions with the individuals performing these services; all communication/interaction must be done remotely.

Title companies MAY continue to Close transactions.

Real Estate has been crucial to keeping our economy going since this pandemic began and we strongly believe that it is an essential service. NMAR will continue to work with the Governor's Office and the Public Health Officials to specifically return real estate to the list of "essential businesses" in the next public health order. To assist in that endeavor, you may wish to contact the Governor's Office directly at the following address/phone:  

490 Old Santa Fe Trail Room 400
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: (505) 476-2200
Toll free: (833) 520-0020
To send an email to Governor Lujan Grisham, visit
*GUIDANCE FROM NMAR LEGAL COUNSEL: This can be accomplished by the broker opening the home for the buyer and then allowing the buyer to tour the home without the broker present. If a seller is not comfortable with this arrangement, showings of the property will have to cease through November 30, 2020. If a seller is willing to allow the potential buyer in the property without the presence of a broker, then the seller should be reminded to secure all valuables and medications. If a buyer is not comfortable touring a home without his/her broker, the buyer will have to suspend the viewing of properties through November 30, 2020.

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Real Estate and Covid - Important Announcement

The latest Stay at Home order has significantly impacted Real Estate in New Mexico for the next few weeks.The New Mexico Association of Realtors has notified us all with the following announcement

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